Friday, January 1, 2016

Our K9 Orange Bark Collar, Uses Sound and Effective Vibration, Great bark collar in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the Our K9 Orange Bark Collar, Uses Sound and Effective Vibration for Correction,, so i have to tell.

our dog Belle is a Barker. and not just a strangers at barker gate, you can walk across the room and she barks. When I received this product, it didn't come with any instructions but after contacting sellers, we got an immediate response. I felt a little silly, because after reading them, its pretty self explanatory. We followed the suggestion of letting her wear the collar per day without the battery. today was the first day with the battery and there is already

Our K9 Orange Bark Collar, Uses Sound

Advanced anti-bark collar by Our K9. The Extensive Range of Our K9 2nd Generation bark collars. If you are looking for bark collar for large dogs or a bark collar small dog, or maybe a citronella bark collar. You can get a Dog barking collar that uses mild Vibration, standard Vibration or Shock. We have a greater choice of dog bark collar than either the Petsafe bark collar range .... Read more or Check Price


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